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6 Signs You're Ready For Geothermal

Home Hacks Bryson Buehrer October 18 6 minutes reading time

Decisions are hard. That's just a fact of life. What house will you buy? Which engagement ring is the perfect one for that special person? Is that event tonight a shorts or trousers affair? Should I get a geothermal heat pump? These are the questions that every person asks themselves at least once in their life! While we at GeoComfort can't help you with your house, jewelry, or pants choices, we can sure give you some telltale signs that you're ready to switch to geothermal!


6 Telltale Signs That It's Time To Install Geothermal In Your Home

1) You have the urge to move into the woods upon seeing your electric bill.

Every month, you get an envelope containing a bi-folded piece of paper which tells you that month's damages. No matter what you do, the electric bill seems to keep going up! You've tried everything. Shorter dishwasher and laundry cycles, you make sure to turn the TV off when not in use, and you haven't charged your phone in 3 months (thanks, airplane mode), but none of it makes any real difference. You remember your ancestors long ago, as they lived off the land. You think to your self, "They didn't have electric bills, and they did just fine!" Suddenly, living in a hut and warming yourself with a fire doesn't sound as unattractive as it once was.

Don't worry, friends. You need not move into the forest to avoid high utility bills. Installing a geothermal system can save you up to 70% on your heating and cooling costs, which is the most significant portion of your utilities annually.

2) You keep an unnecessary amount of blankets spread throughout the house.

If there's a basket of blankets in every room of the house, you may need to look at how consistently your home is heated. Hot and cold zones within the home are a significant issue, and if the guests you have over mistake your treasured blankets for a hand towel in the bathroom, it's time to audit your home's HVAC system.

Geothermal is unique in its ability to provide whole-home comfort, day and night, all year round. Since the source of its energy comes from an environment with a consistent temperature, a geothermal heat pump has to work less to do more for your home. That way, you can intentionally zone your house to have cooler and warmer rooms, and not fall prey to an underperforming HVAC system.

3) You look at your yard and think, "I wish this thing would pay for itself..."

You mow your yard. Maybe you keep it clutter-free. Perhaps you even water your yard! No matter your level of yard-commitment, sometimes you wish your yard could go the extra yard for YOU. Get that freeloader to earn its keep! With a geothermal system, your yard is the energy source for the entire operation.

See, your back (or front... or side) yard is a very rudimentary solar panel. It captures radiant heat energy from the sun, and it does so all year round. This means that between 4-6 feet below the surface, the soil temperature remains between 45° and 75° Fahrenheit all year round. That consistency is how geothermal can stay so efficient. It uses a loop system buried in your yard to draw the heat energy from or into the soil. This means that your yard can literally help you save money! 


4) You've stopped hosting your weekly barbecue.

It's the classic American horror story. Human has house. Human has friends. Human wants friends to visit them at home. Human decides to entice friends with delicious grilled sundry. Friends come to human's house. Suddenly, in the hot summer heat, you hear...


As your outdoor AC unit kicks on, the surrounding conversation is drowned in a cold, mechanical droning noise second in volume only to a jet engine that just consumed a wayward waterfowl. It's an environment that certainly is not conducive to relaxed get-togethers. We're just gonna shoot ya straight here: a geothermal heat pump is extraordinarily quiet. So quiet that it is kept indoors where you live and sleep! This leads to a more peaceful outdoor environment and a heating and cooling system that lasts up to 92% longer than traditional HVAC solutions.

5) You've started taking cold showers for the wrong reasons.

There are tons of benefits to taking a cold shower. Some benefits are scientific, and some are just anecdotally supported, but it's a trend that seems to be growing in the "lifestyle hacking" community. Cold showers have been said to (among other benefits) boost your immune system, improve your focus and productivity, and keep your skin looking healthy by maintaining its natural oils. But you didn't know about any of that before you started showering in that icy liquid. All that was needed to switch your showering philosophy was one look at how much it cost to heat your water. You also started doing your dishes in cold water. You monster.

Fear no longer! With geothermal, 100% of your hot water heating can be handled by the same unit that heats and cools your home. Apply the same efficiency that geothermal provides to your home's climate to your hot water supply. Got a pool? Geothermal can heat that up, too.

6) You feel like your carbon footprint was made by Bigfoot itself.

It's not uncommon to hear about climate change and humans' impact on the environment, and all the news coverage and social media activity have swayed you. You feel the calling to audit your everyday life to see where you can cut back on the "carbon footprint" you're leaving behind. You started with the small stuff and bought a metal straw and a bamboo toothbrush. You replaced your car with a hybrid vehicle, then replaced the hybrid with a bike! You even bought a small solar panel to charge your phone. The most logical next step?

Installing geothermal! A geothermal heat pump is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. With its industry-leading efficiencies and completely renewable energy source (radiant solar energy), installing a geothermal unit has the same environmental impact as removing two fossil-fuel cars from the road or planting 750 trees.

There are many reasons to install geothermal, but if you fit any of the above criteria, you should look into making the switch sooner rather than later. Still not convinced? Check out our simple guide to choosing a heating and cooling system for your home.

Download Our Simple Guide to Choosing a Heating and Cooling System


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